Autobiographical storytelling is central to my work. Having lived in parts of Asia, America, and Europe, my work embodies a crosscultural and transnational disposition. I am inspired by family, friends, and acquaintances whose lives exist beyond national borders and manifest social and political zeitgeist. The figures who appear in my work have in one way or another shattered the world I presumed to know. This interpersonal relationship—in-yeon as Koreans call it—has long been the core of my artistic practice. With the benefits and aftereffects of globalization and the fierce growth of the internet culture, ethnicity and nationality as a defining identity seems absurd. I focus on the subtle nuances that both differentiate and equalize individuals, specifically in the context of Asian diaspora and postcolonial feminism. I believe in meditation through repetition, repetition in labor, and labor as a key element in achieving realism. My purpose as an artist is to continue to perceive, imagine, hypothesize, and visualize an alternative portrait of our future selves.

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Morgen Contemporary, Berlin (DE)

Drawing Show II, Berlin, 2014Drawing Show II, Berlin, 2014 Photo by Hee-Seong Han