Yujin Lee (born in Daegu, 1986)

Yujin Lee is a visual artist whose work takes various forms, such as drawings, performances, videos, and site-specific installation. Lee defines her work as contemporary portraitures, as she leaves visual records of people in her life, whether that is of her family, close friends, political figures, or social media acquaintances. In 2018, Lee settled in Jeju, an island situated at the Southern tip of the Korean peninsula. She named her new home Next Door to the Museum (미술관 옆집), where she has invited and will continue to host many creative minds to further her artistic practice.

During her time in Berlin (2010-2013) and New York (2013-2018), Yujin Lee participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the United States, Europe, South Korea, China, and Thailand. She has also assisted several established artists, including Rirkrit Tiravanija, Matthew Ritchie, and Wolfgang Stiller. From 2013 to 2017, she worked as an assistant and master printer at LeRoy Neiman Center for Print Studies in New York.


Next door to the Museum (ND to the M) is Yujin Lee’s studio/home, located next to Jeju Museum of Contemporary Art. It is a traditional Jeju farm house consisting of an ‘ahn-geori’ (main house), ‘bak-geori’ (‘sub’ house), a tangerine barn, and a small patch of land. After many years of living abroad, Lee moved into ND to the M in January of 2019. The tangerine barn located at the entrance is turned into an art studio/collaborative working space; ‘ahn-geori’ is adjusted to Lee’s main living quarter with a space to host a guest; ‘bak-geori’ is transformed into a private living/working space for a long-term resident artist. Located next to Jeoji Aritsts’ Village, ND to the M itself is surrounded by seven native Jeju farmers’ homes. These elderly farmers have a great pride in having lived there for generations and a deep affection to their farming life. Yet, when Lee moved into the neighborhood, they specifically expressed to her a desire to contribute to and be a part of the new “art village” identity assigned by the government in 1999. Therefore, in May 2019, as its first project, ND to the M invited two artists (Hye-in Lee @hyeinparklee and Osheen Siva @osheen.siva) to each execute a public mural on one of the tangerine barns in the village. ND to the M’s second project, “Into Jeju,” is an alternative residency for artists that invites two creatives (Florian Bong Kil Grosse @bong.kil from Berlin and Aracha Cholitgul @arachacholitgul from Bangkok) to live with Lee for six to eight weeks and explore, inspire, be inspired, and create (August ~ November, 2020).